Saturday, June 12, 2010


I take a lot of photos of Beer. Part of my motivation for blogging was to write some reviews, so I've been careful to document almost every brew with a pic. However, because Dave and Left4Beer already provide such great coverage of BC beers and others beside, I have settled into a different blog-niche:  mainly whingeing and hassling local beer-industry folk for a few word-bites.

Therefore, if digital photos could gather dust, my photo album would resemble the Gobi Desert. 

Taking photographs of beer is a lot harder than it seems. With a bit of practice, anyone can squeeze bottle and glass into the shot, keep things in focus, and whatnot. But there lies half the problem. If your aim is to document the beer (this site is the finest example of this that I know of), you need only master one shot. Getting the photo to look fresh or interesting after hundreds of mug-shots (heh) is much more challenging.

I'm no master. Here are a few of my luckiest beer photographs of recent months. I hope you enjoy them. They are, in order: Brooklyn IPA, Russell's IP'Eh, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Driftwood Belle Royale, Central City Winter Warmer, Phillips Hop Circle, and Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA.

Reader request:

If you live/drink in Victoria, and you would like to recommend a pub or liquor store that you feel has an as-good-as-or-better-selection of local and international beers than the following, please comment. It is for an upcoming article, and your help would be gratefully appreciated.
Pubs: Christie's Carriage House, Spinnaker's Brewpub, The Beagle
Liquor Stores: Hillside Liquor Store, Spinnakers James Bay store, Cook Street Village Liquor Store.
Thanks again kind readers.


  1. Hey nice eye there Dan!
    I had thought about trying to take my time and actually make an effort when it came to the beer photos, but in the end it was just easier to use the ol'cell phone camera. And it shows.

  2. Hey Dan - Nice pics! For pubs, one has to admit that The Irish Times and The Bard and Banker have a great selection of imports on tap. One of the few places in Victoria to get a Murphy's, even.

    For liquor stores, I've got to put my vote behind Liquor Plus. They have a huge selection of local and regional brews, and lots of fabulous picks from the USA. Great prices on locals and regionals also.

    Thanks for the great beer blogging.


  3. Hi Dan,

    Not really a pub, but the beer list at The Mint is fantastic.

  4. Thanks for the tips. Restaurants might just end up being included, given that the Brasserie l'ecole, Mint, and even (gasp) Glo Europub, have good bottle selections...