Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Muskoka Harvest Ale

Fresh off a flight to Sudbury I headed for my favourite (read: the only) place to get a good beer in town: the Laughing Buddha. It's got a weird patio, the paving stones are on a ludicrous 30 degree slope and my table is threatening to fall over. I have sat my 750ml ("standard bottle" they call this size) of Muskoka Harvest on the heater (off) next to me, as it is the only stable structure in this place.

The beer pours a pretty rich orange gold with a dense, almost luminous yellow head that quickly settled to a half inch of scum. It smells somewhere between an IPA and a pilsner: decent amount of orange-rind hops but also a clean lageresque tang. The immediate taste is very promising, with a lot of rich yeasty bread. Orange juice is there too. Sweetness subsides to a baking-soda fresh bitterness. This doesn't linger, but it begs for another sip. Very drinkable and decent. 

This beer was not on the menu. It's worth asking these guys for off-the-menu stuff as they make an effort to get a lot of things in. Great little beer oasis, this place, and dang fine pizza-pie to boot. I'd be surprised if I didn't sup another few of these before the week is out. Hell, I might have another tonight. Gotta find some comfort as a depressing two weeks away from my family stretches out in front of me.


  1. You ever going to make it to Calgary or Edmonton in your scholastic travels?? I'd be more than happy to drive to cowtown to keep you and your beer company.

  2. It's a good looking package with a pretty solid beer. Glad you're finding some drinkable stuff while you're out this way.

  3. Hey Brayden. Calgary is definitely possible in the near future. Edmonton is not. I'll keep you posted.

    Cheers ericswanderings - there are actually a few decent beers out this way, thanks to the Little Buddha. Other favourites were the half pints lil scrapper IPA and the Russian Gun imperial stout wasn't bad either.

  4. Hi Dan,
    Glad to have chatted with you at Chancey's. We have another keg of Muskoka Harvest being tapped very soon... It would have been nice if your stay was a bit longer though.

  5. Adil!
    Glad you found your way to the blog. I want to thank you and Milos for your unrivaled hospitality and company. I can still taste the Charlevoix...

    I look forward to returning to London. I will take care of the things we discussed about Vancouver Island breweries.

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