Saturday, July 9, 2011

Street Beer

After a dizzying experience hosting my daughter's (4th) birthday BBQ at a beach (we lost her twice and a crow ate part of her cake), I find myself at home, several hours later, microwaving some left-over street meats and contemplating what to drink.

"It's time," I said to my wife.
"You're going to drink that can of Cariboo I found in the street aren't you?"

I was interested in Cariboo back when I worked in the Hillside Liquor Store. HLS's fridge is divided into sections according to how cheap or rubbish a beer is. Starting at the posh end of the store you have the bombers and quality imports, then the good BC micros like Tree Brewing, then the crappier ones like Granville Island, then your Kokanees and Buds and Canadians and all that shit.

Finally, at the end, you get the weird ones you don't really know where to place: Bowen Island, Moosehead, Wildcat. These beers are cheap, but their labels are at least more interesting than the bland landscape of silvers, reds and blues in the macro fridge next door.

Cariboo is one such beer. "Brewed with spring water" it announces, above a jaunty picture of a leaping Cariboo and a cute, curly yellow logo (that looks like it says "Cariboos" to me).

Maybe it was the glimmer of yellow on green that caught my wife's eye as we walked home one night last month. I picked up the dented can, musing that a hammered student had probably let it slip from his grip and written it off as burst on his way to urinate on someone's porch. I stashed it in our kid's stroller for a laugh more than anything else and we walked on.

But here I am, feeling as battered as the can, munching a reheated burger and sucking gratefully at the simple yellow goodness of Cariboo. Nice.


small beer would like to hear reader's reviews of beers that you found on the floor, if you'll admit to it of course…


  1. I've personally come to like Cariboos beer, but specifically the genuine draft beer in the green and yellow can. I've tried many types of beer in my time and to be honest, this beer doesn't have too much head, doesn't leave a nasty after taste and the biggest thing I've found is even if I want to tie one on for a night, I don't get hangovers like I would with other mainstream beer which is really interesting. I've actually tested this with over 10 different types of beers and every single one that is mainstream branded beer gives me a hangover where as with Cariboos, I only feel a little tired and what not after a night out. It's also interesting that the company plants a tree for every can of beer bought which is pretty cool considering British Columbia, Canada has such badly damaged and over logged forests. So, I have to respect the company for not only promoting tree reforestation, but producing a lower priced quality beer.

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