Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Favourite Beer Glass

Ian is aroused by a variety of glassware; I am more monogamous. If I had to drink every beer from only one glass I would choose the O-Riedel Cabernet/Merlot "wine" glass. My usual drinking glass is a Unibroue standard, which falls somewhere between a tulip and a flute, and is elegant and suitable for many styles.  If I am drinking while going about some task, like assembling furniture or fussing over the barbecue, I like to use a no-nonsense contoured pint glass. I was recently gifted a nice fat Duvel tulip, which is grandiose but a little much for most occasions. Even ordinary wine glasses are perfect sometimes.

But the Riedel is easy to hold and the circumference of the rim feels natural to drink from. It is capable of holding a whole pint, but looks best half or two-thirds full, which is just right for home drinking. The thin and invisibly clear glass makes for vivid, honest photographs. Washing the fragile vessels can be nerve-jangling, but aren't most of our favourite things vulnerable and fleeting?


  1. The Riedel is great, but must have a stem! I hate the stemless glasses!!! Also, a couple of years ago when in Belgium I had the honour of indulging in draught Duvel which came in the tailored Duvel tulip glass. That is my favourite. But then again, the memories that are associated with the experience certainly help reinforce my bias!

  2. The Duvel is a lovely glass, no doubt. Just feels like you're wielding a tuba sometimes. I use mine mostly for after dinner RIS, barley wines, DIPAs or — of course — Duvel. I bet your Belgium trip was a great experience.

  3. With Koops on the lack of stem. Very elegant though, for sure.


  4. I always drink out of my good ol' Garrison pint glass. I love the non-frou-frou heft of a proper pint or pretty much anything.

    Mrs. Damnbeerblogger drinks everything out of mason jars. Wine, Tea, Beer, you name it.